The story of Roiske


Stars were aligned as three guys interested in water sports and summer tourism got together and decided to found company Midnight Sun Wake Oy​

Rovaniemi needs new, fun and interesting things to do in summer and Ounaspaviljonki area needs developing!​

Rovaniemi, 2009. Jaakko Tossavainen has a plan to start a water sports center in Rovaniemi. After a few detours Jaako bases his water sports center in Vuokatti. ”Vuokatin vesiurheilukeskus Oy” is founded in 2014.​

Rovaniemi, 2015. Miko Ratavaara scouts suitable spots for a wakeboard cable in Rovaniemi and decides that some day his dream comes true. The idea doesn’t leave him alone.​

Rovaniemi, 2017. Petteri Savolainen tries wake cable in Laguuni, Espoo and decides to bring similar concept to Rovaniemi. Miko finds out about Petteri’s plans and vice versa via a mutual friend. Miko and Petteri meet first time and start to really work on how to bringall the plans alive.​

Rovaniemi, 2018. Petteri and Miko found the company Midnight Sun Wake Oy, together. Funding plan and permission process starts.​

Rovaniemi 2019. Jaakko Tossavainen contacts Miko and Petteri and proposes a mutual collaboration with ”Vuokatin vesiurheilukeskus”. Eventually Jaakko becomes a partner and the CEO of Midnight Sun Wake Oy. Finally all pieces are in place and the company raises funds via a public stock offering to bring water sports center alive in Rovaniemi.​

Rovaniemi 2021. The city of Rovaniemi finally gets it’s own water activity center, Kesätekemisen keskus Roiske up and running!​

Roiske team

Petteri Savolainen

Chairman of the board

Original promoter of the project, team leader, and a water sports enthusiast​


Jaakko Tossavainen


CEO of Vuokatin vesiurheilukeskus Oy, lifestyle boarder, adventure parjk entrepneur​


Member of the board

Active wakeboard enthusiast, national wakeboard champion medalist, companys Jack-of-all-trades​